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How we began

ArtSpecs Lab was created out of the combination of the professions of the two founders. We have melded our interests into a means of transferring our knowledge to others who will benefit from creative experimentation.

ArtSpecs Lab

Art as a Second Language


Your Work

The arts are what have made us the intelligent and confident people that we are. Our workshops interweave various artistic techniques to give participants many different avenues as to how they would like to express their creativity and produce small and large projects.

Each workshop is documented in photo or film. Kids can take home their projects and later see photos of the workshop. Each kid also gets a certificate of completion, adding their names to the ever growing puzzle of creative youth in Berlin.

Get in touch

We always love feedback. Please let us know how you or your child enjoyed our workshop. We are also open to suggestions on how to improve our workshops. Your opinion is very valuable to us.

ArtSpecs Lab (ASL) presents art and media workshops which are a means to inspire and help individuals turn their creativity into various artistic media. All of our labs use creative media - such as drawing, photography, filmmaking and theater - as tools to help each child’s vision come to life.

At ASL, we believe that languages are an art form. We therefore incorporate learning the English language into many of our offered art and media workshops. Our offered labs combine artistic strategies with teaching the English language through movement and activities.

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